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Infrastructure of the School CANAL Valley School at Berli, Rewari started functioning in the present location in the year 1996. The first permanent main block was completed in the year 1999. Subsequently every year new infrastructure and new facilities have been added. The school is located on 2 acre land allotted by DDA in 1995. The strength of the students is 2469 at present. School premises consists of four storeyed academic block, 55 classrooms for pre-school, pre-primary, primary, middle and higher classes, activity room, common rooms for teachers, auditorium, conference hall, sports room for art and music, laboratories, well stocked libraries and computer rooms. We have facilities for outdoor and indoor games and a little garden for pre-school and pre-primary classes.The rest of the area is allotted to playground.


  1. Every student should carry his/her School Diary and identity card to school every day.
  2. Student should report to school 10 minutes before the start of the school.
  3. Moving from one classroom to another should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  4. Forming group or running in the corridors is strictly forbidden.
  5. Student should be polite and well mannered at all times and maintain the image and reputation of the school.
  6. Exploding of crackers or splashing of colour during Diwali/Holi or any other occasion in the school premises or in the school buses is strictly forbidden. Strict action will be taken against student who does not comply with this instruction.
  7. Any student who is not intending to sit for an exam must give a reason in writing for their absence.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school.
  9. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. Use of hair gel is not allowed. Wearing low waist trousers and skirts are forbidden.
  10. All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly with a white band.
  11. Students using the school bus will maintain discipline in the bus.
  12. Students are expected to respect school property. No student should damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others.
  13. Students will not boycott the orders, directions and instructions given to them by the school authorities.
  14. A student will not cooperate or indulge in any act of violence committed by other students which will harm any student physically or mentally.
  15. Expensive articles and jewellery are not allowed in the school. In violation of this rule, the article may be confiscated. The school bears no responsibility for articles lost in school. Students are not allowed to carry any sharp instrument or article that can cause damage.
  16. No student is allowed to put on nail polish/mehandi/tattoos.
  17. Parents can discuss the progress of their wards in Parents Teacher Meeting.
  18. Lunch should be not be brought by the parents during school hours.
  19. Bullying and the use of foul language is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence.
  20. Students are required to attend all functions, parents teacher meetings, remedial classes etc. in proper School Uniform. Wearing of coloured clothes are strictly prohibited.
  21. Parents and Guardians must not visit their wards or teachers without the Principal's permission.
  22. Students must have at least 75% attendance for promotion to the next class.
  23. If the students remained absent for more than three days without intimation, his/her name would be struck off the rolls.
  24. The school gate will close at 8:15 am sharp. No child will be allowed to enter after 8:18 am
  25. Children, when sick, must not be sent to school to attend classes/ exam. It is requested not to force the child to attend the school.
  26. There is no short leave/half day leave for the students during working days or examination days. No application will be entertained requiring the student to leave the school premises for any personal functions.
  27. Parents are requested to inform the school if there is any change in their address or telephone number.
  28. Kindly check the uniform, nails and hair of your ward every morning. They should be immaculately turned out daily.
  29. Meeting time with the Principal: Morning- 08.30 a.m. to 09.15 a.m. Pl. note that other than the above mentioned timing, the parents need to take a prior appointment.

School rules can be changed without prior notice or reason.

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