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List of in-charges

Sr.No. Section Name
1 Examination Mrs. Suman
Mr. Yashpal
2 Activity In-charge Neev - Mrs.Neetu Yadav
Srijan - Mrs.Ekta Yadav
Sopan - Mrs. Munesh Yadav
Shikhar - Mrs.Neha Gupta
3 Time Table Incharge Mrs.Mukesh (1st to 8th)
Mr.Rohtash (9th to 12th)
4 Floor Discipline In-charge Mr.Bijender (9th to 12th)
Mrs.Munesh(6th to 8th)
Mrs.Usha(1st to 5th)
5 Cleanliness In-charge Neev - Mrs.Usha Sharma
Srijan - Mrs.Sushmita
Sopan -Mrs.Saroj
Shikhar - Mr.Jagpal
6 Smart Class & Computer IN-charge Mr.Riti Nipun(1st to 8th)
Mrs.Shilpa Verma(9th to 12)
7 Olympiad In-charge Mrs.Mukesh (1st to 8th)
Mr.Kapil(9th to 12th)
8 Soft Boards and Corridor Decoration Mrs.Megha
9 Assembly In-charge Mr.Prashant
10 New Admission Incharge Mrs.Anju Yadav
Mrs Neha Gupta
Mrs.Monika Yadav
11 School News For NewsPaper Mrs. Suman
12 Staff Room Incharge Mrs.Sandhya(Ground floor
Mrs.Swarnlata(First Floor)
Mrs.Pooja Yadav(Second Floor)
13 Atal Lab Incharge
14 Physics Lab Incharge Mr.Bijender Kumar
15 Chemistry Lab Incharge Mr.Yogesh
16 Biology Lab Incharge Mrs.Neha Gupta
17 Music Room Incharge Mr.Prashant Mehandiratta
18 Dance Room Incharge Mr.Sagar

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