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List of in-charges

Class I to V
Sr.No. Section Name
1. New Admission  
2. Examination Mrs. Monu Kumari
3. Activity In-Charge Mrs. Aarti Yadav
4. Tours  Excursions Mrs. Pooja Yadav
5. Time Table Mrs. Seema Yadav
6. Floor Discipline In-Charges Mrs. Anurekha Yadav (1st Floor)
Mrs. Usha Yadav (2nd Floor)
7. Cleanliness In-Charge Mrs. Usha Yadav (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Anita Yadav (1st Floor)
Mrs. Pooja Yadav ( 2nd Floor)
8. Smart Class In-Charge  
9. Olympiad In-Charge Mrs. Pooja Yadav(Maths)
Mrs. Monu Yadav
10. Soft Boards and Corridor Decoration Mrs. Anju Yadav
11. Assembly In-Charge Mrs. Neetu Yadav
12. Computer Lab In-Charge  
Class VI to XII
1. New Admission Mrs. Manoj Yadav
2. Examination Mrs. Suman Yadav
3. Activity In-Charge Mrs. Shamila Yadav
4. Tours  Excursions Mrs. Manoj Yadav
Mrs. Neha Yadav
5. Time Table Miss. Meera Yadav
6. Floor Discipline In-Charge Mrs. Bandna Singh (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Swarnlata Yadav(1st Floor)
Mrs. Anju Yadav PGT (2nd Floor)
7. Cleanliness in-Charge Mr. Sandhya Yadav (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Mukesh Yadav (1st Floor)
Mrs. Pooja Yadav PGT (2nd Floor)
8. Smart Class in-Charge Mrs. Rajbala Yadav
9. Olympaid in-charge Mr. Manish Gupta
10. Soft Board and Corridor Decoration Miss. Anju Yadav
11. Assembly in-charge Mrs. Sunita Yadav
Mrs. Sharmila Yadav
12. Computer Lab in-charge  
13. Discipline in Assembly Mr. Jagbir Yadav
Mr. Sanjay Yadav
Miss. Meera Yadav
14. Stock Register Miss. Vandna Aarya
15. School news for News Paper Mrs. Suman Yadav
Mrs. Sunita Yadav
16. Student Notice Board in-charge Mr. Sandeep Aarya
17. Staff Room in-charge Mrs. Sandhya Yadav (Ground Floor)
Mrs. Swarnlata Yadav (1st Floor)
18. Math Lab in-charge Mr. Manish Gupta
19. Physics Lab in-charge Mr. Bijender Yadav
Mr. Sandeep Aarya
20. Chemistry Lab in-charge Mr. C.P. Mishra
21. Bio Lab in-charge Miss. Vandna Aarya
22. Account Section Mr. Ravinder Yadav
Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav
23. Transport in-charge Mr. Naresh Yadav
24. N.C.C Mr. Jagpal Yadav PGT English
26. House in-charge Kabir             -   Mr. Manish Gupta
Nanak           -   Mrs. Anju Yadav
Tagore          -   Miss Vandna Aarya
Vivekanand  -   Mrs. Pooja Yadav
27. Dance In-charge Mrs. Meenakshi
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