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Our HOD's

Mrs Anju Yadav states that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the graph that plunges forth showing rapid development begins with just a single dot and the huge banyan that stands tall begins with just a seed so does a dream manifest itself into audible action”. She make sure students get to put their best foot forward to achieve academic, social and sporting excellence. She strongly believes in a quote by the great scientist and philosopher Albert Einstein "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school".

Mrs. Anju Yadav

Canal Valley Public School

Mrs. Neha Gupta is Academic head of Shikhar. A post graduate in biotechnology (M.Tech), she started her career as a Research Associate, before finding her calling in education.She is of the belief that education is the only possibility that can create human beings with goodness that arise out of harmony between mind and heart.Comprising classes IX and XII, the senior school is where early life’s lessons are put to test. Rigorous practice and study techniques with special emphasis on analysis and conceptualization are woven into curriculum, as students prepare to appear for their CBSE and Competitive examinations.

Mrs. Neha Gupta

Academic Head of Shikhar (senior classes 9th to 12th)
Canal Valley Public School

Mrs. Munesh is academic head of Sopan (6th to 8th).Her key focus is celebrating champions with particular focus on the characteristics of curiosity, kindness, spirit, bravery, pride, inclusivity and respect.She always says:-Share the child success with tutor as: Students success is her own success and our success.


Academic Head of Sopan
Canal Valley Public School

Mrs.Ekta is academic head of Srijan 1st to 5th.She strongly believe that "when a plant is carefully nurtured by a gardener, then the plants produce a better fruit". She strive to provide children "Foundation for Life".


Academic Head of Srijan
Canal Valley Public School

Mrs. Neetu is academic head of Neev(LKG &UKG).She believes to provide ample opportunity to each children for growth and development. She make sure to provide strong roots that will propel them towards success in higher education.With a structured program and constant supervision she help students prepare for their higher education on their path to adulthood.

Mrs. Neetu

Academic Head of Neev
Canal Valley Public School

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